Sarracenia_1Sarracenia    We have been growing Sarracenia for 11 years.  Most of our saleable stock are from seed or root division,  we sell them in 4 sizes large 1 gallon pots   medium 1/2 gallon pot   small 4 1/2 in. pot  and seedling size about 1 to 1 1/2 years.  we sell from our farm in Langley B.C.  and at the local farmers markets in Vancouver. At our farm we have well over a 1000 large Sarracenia for sale and many bloom spectacular flowers. Stop by our farm for look at these amazing plants. You will find reasonable prices and we love talking about plants  Sorry we don`t sell by mail  we (Keith and Sheila) are both retired , growing and selling from the farm is as much as we can handle

Current Inventory